Atmospheric jungle

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 Jonny 14 Feb 2021

For those fans of atmospheric jungle and breaks (hordes of you out there, surely?), two artists have been standouts for me recently: Tim Reaper and Thugwidow.

For a taster, see Tim's RA mix ( or 'Meeting of the Minds' collaborations (Vol. 2 is a stunner), and Thugwidow's 'Moons of Jupiter' or 'Authentic Experience'.


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 Jonny 14 Feb 2021

Two samples of Thugwidow's:

If it's to taste, the guy is outrageously prolific (17 albums and EPs in the last two years). That could be a bad sign for others, but not here.

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In reply to Jonny:

I'll give it a go. Cheers!

 Nathan Adam 14 Feb 2021
In reply to Jonny:

Reaper's EP's on Lobster Theremin are pretty good as well!

Maybe a bit more rave/breaks inspired as opposed to pure jungle but still quality stuff.

Thugwidow can do no wrong in my opinion, so much great material. 

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In reply to Jonny:

Sully's Swandive e.p. last year was great

ASC's isolated systems LP although a bit 'colder' production wise was also fantastic

there's a new Source Direct release 'dangerous curves' and rumours of a repress of 'Baraka - I'll be there/nutty bass'

I really like Tim Reapers 'ardcore stuff on globex, the release with special request is also great.

nice to see a resurgence in this style always loved it.

 Jonny 16 Feb 2021
In reply to goodmorningcaptain:

Great tips. I loved Sully's 'Flock' from a few years back—'Swandive' continues in the same fine style, I see. The ASC release is brilliant.

 fammer 16 Feb 2021
In reply to goodmorningcaptain:

The repress of I'll be there is confirmed, has apparently gone to the pressing plant already. Very much looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of that without paying ludicrous Discogs prices for an original. 

Favourite recent jungle (maybe not so atmospheric) releases for me have been the Globex corp series (vol. 5 especially good), some of Equinox's output through Sci Wax, and his recent Theme EP on GBW is also good. 

That said, I'm a sucker for the old stuff and am constantly buying up represses of older stuff and second hand bits when I can.

Here's a great atmospheric tune I picked up at HMV in Shibuya, Tokyo last year for a few quid.

 Ramblin dave 18 Feb 2021
In reply to Jonny:

Nice stuff.

In a similar kind of vein, I keep coming back to the mix that Raime did for FACT magazine a few years back - mostly 1994-ish tracks, but picked for a sort of moody gothic vibe:

Tracklist here:

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