Bat Roosts in Rock

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 Greylag 25 Nov 2021

If this sort of thing interests you (to the point you want to buy a book on it!) then the Bat Roosts in Rock book is available to buy, bargain at £35 (I don't receive commission!).

Link here,part%20of%20the%20Bat%20Rock%20Habitat%20Key%20project.

Even in moments of fear, my head still drifts as to whether a bat is tucked up in a crevice wondering what the commotion is going on 'outside'. It should be an interesting read.

I can remember someone posting a few years back about bats and crags etc. but I can't remember seeing any results.



 ripper 26 Nov 2021
In reply to Greylag:

I came across a roosting bat some years ago while climbing on Raven Crag, Langdale. I don't know what the route was but I remember I was leading a rising traverse, I went to put my fingers behind a flake crack and jumped when I saw this tiny face, no bigger than my thumbnail, blinking back at me. Luckily I was in a pretty stable position so didn't immediately fall off. The flat-ish face meant that at close range the bat's features looked remarkably humanoid, and it had this funny bemused expression on it. Given that I'd probably just woken it up, probably not surprising. I swear it made direct eye contact with me. We shared a sweet moment gazing at each other before I came to and moved off as quietly as I could, and warned my partner to avoid the spot. As I say, I have no idea what the route was, and no memory of the rest of the climb, but that image has stayed with me. 

 JLS 26 Nov 2021
In reply to Greylag:

Did you see a bat? No, I didn't see a bat. Never seen a bat at this crag...

We don't want to be getting crags banded do we...

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