Extreme rock - Will there be an updated version?

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Are vertebrate planning on publishing an updated Extreme Rock? I'm sure they've considered it, just wondered why it hasn't been done. The time seems right, especially with Caff finally completing the thing. 

I know there is a story about lost printing plates or something, but surely that isn't too much of an issue for an update?  

 Sean Kelly 20 Jul 2021
In reply to SFrancis:

It's been discussed for a long time and I've even suggested this to Ian Parnell  but it obviously involves a lot of work. If you look at the revamp of Hard Rock and the effort required by Ian to get enough pics of good quality. This had to be resoved by him when no good pics were forthcoming from lots of requests that were sent out. Often unless the pics is from an slr source the quality is too poor for publication. I-phone images don't cut it!

In reply to Sean Kelly:

Interesting, I probably underestimated the effort involved, even so I doubt it's insurmountable. It would be fantastic to see, although I can imagine the figures don't quite add up in terms of ROI. It would have to be a real labour of love. 

 PaulJepson 21 Jul 2021
In reply to SFrancis:

It would be an awful lot of work to compile it as well. You've got to imagine that quite a few climbs that have been done since ER would need to go in (The Rathlin Effect, Meshuga, Once Upon a Time in the South West, Dalriada, Skye Wall, Divided Years, Longhope Direct, The Big Issue, Welcome to the Cruel World, etc. etc. etc). TBH, there's a coffee table book waiting to be done for the level above 'Extreme Rock'. I'd imagine the hardest part would be coming up with a suitable name. Hard Extreme Rock? Hard Very Extreme Rock? Surely there has to be enough good photos of those cutting edge routes as well; I imagine most had someone on an ab rope snapping away.  

Having read some of Caff's blog posts on the routes (especially the write up of Master's Wall), I'd love to see a book of his experiences on those ER routes. I'm sure he's at least been approached on it already. 

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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