Hats off to Jon Hopkins

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Hopkins on the creation of Music For Psychedelic Therapy...

"Everything on my new album is so intrinsically linked that rather than extract one track to release next, I made this stand-alone excerpt, which is drawn from elements of the second half. Here it is now for you to hear

Like everyone, I went through a lot of intensely heavy stuff in the last year. Somehow this music flowed through me in that time. I honestly have no idea where it came from, the whole creation process happened in something of a trance.

I felt driven by a force way beyond myself and it was unforgettable."

Good to hear Mr Hopkins is making innovative music still, he never fails to surprise (and heal!).

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Funny how he started by making ambient, traversed through electronica and is now playing fairly banging techno (all of which i’ve enjoyed at different times)… i can only assume Gabba will be next

 Jon Stewart 14 Oct 2021
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Given the title, and the season, I think I'll listen to this as intended. Thanks for posting. 

I'm pretty sure Max Cooper has been involved, absolutely literally, in making music for psychedelic therapy. It's amazing what music can do. 

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