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 kmsands 28 Feb 2022
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So the new Half Man Half Biscuit is out, and there are a few fans on here, so what do people think? Seems up to the usual high standards to me. I can hear future gig-goers chanting "Kelvin Mackenzie in a second-hand hessian sack" already, and "Oblong of Dreams" is properly moving.

If I have a quibble, there's not much hillwalking or climbing on this one, apart from an aside about "scaling Matalan".

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Midnight mass murder is hilarious 

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I'm assuming your are TFOK? Hello!

See also:

I can definitely see the "take your chips" line being a good way to end a stage set.

Slipping the Escort as a song about dementia and loss is pretty heartbreaking too.

Musically it's pretty good - quite a lot of it is even in tune. And the bass playing is excellent. Best album since the last one, I think; considerably better than UFO. As you say, a sad lack of walking/climbing references - or at least ones that I spotted.

b (Ghost of Kirkus)

OP kmsands 01 Mar 2022
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Yep TFOK's me - hello.

Funnily enough, I think Urge for Offal is the best of the last three albums - I know that's not a widely shared view. But they're all pretty close in quality.

I was going to ask if you get to any of the gigs, but I see you're based in NZ ... I manage a couple a year. They're doing the Devil's Arse cave in Castleton this summer - planning to combine that with a day or two on the grit.

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That would be a fine trip! There is much good about being in NZ but it’s a long way to go for a gig. What a letdown.


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