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colina - on 29 Oct 2012
after all the hype,went to see the new bond film first nite .TBO since diamonds are forever i think bond has lost the plot rapidly. however i thought give him another chance..
no villains stroking cats .noobody with metal teeth ,hooks for hands,flying metal hats,zombie snake charmers,exploding fountain pens etc ,just a bitter ex mi6 agent who was quite handy with a laptop.
Apart from an encouraging opening sequence, the film rapidly declined into cloak and dagger discussions inside mi6 (think tinker tailor soldier spy)with no action whatsoever till the very end where the only redeeming aspect of the film was some fine scenery which looked to have been filmed around glencoe..(thankfully no sign of jimmy saville)
The end sequence finished with subtitles "james bond will return with ...."

i wont .
Anybody enjoyed it ?
Gus - on 29 Oct 2012
In reply to colina:
not even a good try....
bradzy_c - on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to colina: Loved it personally. Wasn't too keen when Casino Royale came out with the change of bond and frankly, his whole persona (Grew up with Pierce Brosnan).

However I've warmed to it. It's nice to see a bit more focus on the character and a darker Bond. Plus I like the odd bit of nostalgia i.e. the old Bond car and 'shaken not stirred' etc.

Each to their own though I suppose.
pottsworth - on 01 Nov 2012
In reply to colina:

I've seen most of the bond films (all bar moonraker, and maybe 1 or 2 others), and I thought this was the best of the lot.

I too grew up with Pierce Brosnan, and I really like the grittier edge Daniel Craig brings to the character.

I thought it was also probably the funniest Bond I have seen, and I really liked the mix of nostalgia, and the new area (loved the line from Q about the exploding pen).

Shame to see Judi Dench go, but I'm definitely looking forward to Mr Bond's return.

The river they park up by is the Etive, which is 1 glen over from Glencoe

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.