What Podcasts? - Exploration/ Mountaineering etc

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Hello All,

Following on the lock down reading thread, just trying to find some interesting podcasts for whilst I go for the odd evening walk.

Really looking for some mountaineering/ exploring/ climbing genre...

FYI, I have:


Psychovertical - is this any good? I only listened to 1...didn't really take to it...not like his books/ talks in person...

The Sharp End

Don't tell me the Score (Some good talks, including Alex Honnold)

The Armchair Explorer: Aaron MIller


plus TMS, loads of Sustainable Finance, Spanish language, plus Guardian Long reads, Sciency types..


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I really like Dirtbag Diaries. Not exclusively climbing but there's some great adventure stories.

 Stegosaur 22 Feb 2021
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Not much to add that hasn’t already been mentioned but I’ll throw in Niall Grimes’ Jam Crack (quite soothing and a very pleasant listen), ultra running history (unique presentation and clearly a passion project) and the enormocast (more of a “standard” format podcast. Gets some great guests and really well put together). 

I’m a huge fan of the rambling nature and humour of the Psychovertical podcast. Check out the Bear Grylls episode. My wife wasn’t too Into Andy K but this had her in hysterics on a long drive

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 Lamb 24 Feb 2021
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'The Cutting Edge' is a decent podcast series. 

 Pb-climb-up 24 Feb 2021
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Bad beta podcast, fairly light hearted but easy listening 

 eschaton 24 Feb 2021
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Jason foxs wild tales has quite a few mountaineer/exploration themed guests. 

 duncan b 25 Feb 2021
 RJML 25 Feb 2021
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Another vote for The Adventure Podcast! It’s a great listen with a large back-catalog of episodes now.

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