/ Wild Cameramen at Work, Monday 3rd June 19:30 BBC1 Scotland

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Douglas Griffin - on 01 Jun 2013
Looks good. Episode 1 - 'Ice' - Monday 3rd June BBC1 Scotland 19:30
Five of the best wildlife cameramen in the world have their roots in Scotland: Doug Allan, Gordon Buchanan and Doug Anderson were all born north of the border, while John Aitchison and Mark Smith have chosen to make Scotland their home. In this stunning series they revisit some of their favourite natural history moments from their global careers, and tell us how Scotland has helped them hone their specialist skills for capturing some of the greatest images to grace our television screens.
Narrated by David Attenborough - the first episode of this stunning new series reveals the hardships and hazards involved when filming wildlife in the world's most extreme environments - the Arctic and Antarctic. Legendary polar cameraman and diver Doug Allan relives some of his most hair-raising encounters and returns to the place where his underwater career began - the freezing depths of a Highland river.
xplorer on 01 Jun 2013
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Looking forward to this!!!!!
Douglas Griffin - on 19 Jun 2013

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