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BnB - on 28 May 2018

Anyone else watching this documentary series on Netflix? Given the revelations therein and the obvious media interest stirred up in the US at the time, I'm amazed that I knew absolutely nothing of this incredible tale.

Wild Wild Country is a masterpiece. Balanced in its portrayal of both the experiment in communal living and the forces of reaction, the story is told entirely by the participants, media clips and home video, without a single word of commentary or narration. It is amazing to consider how much work went into compiling and editing such dense and riveting material. The outrageous acts of both the hippy community and the authorities ranged against them will have you doubting your ears. Next to that, the sex and drugs orgies that you're probably watching the show to catch a glimpse of are tame. Well, apart from one scene ;-)

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aln - on 28 May 2018
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The trailers looked interesting. After Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, me and Ms. aln were looking for a new series for our TV night. We went with Fargo coz I loved the film, it's good but not as gripping as the two former shows. We might have a look at this and see how it grabs us. 

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