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Hi all.I'm planning a summer trip to Freyr in the Ardennes and would appreciate a little info.Firstly what's the best nearby campsite,any towns for food and drink within a short drive, is it worth going over the border to sample the rock in Luxembourg?Also I know of the Chris Craggs guide to the region but are there any more up to date topos or online beta for the routes?
Many thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions
 SerenGib 06 Jun 2012
In reply to maninblack:

Check: climbing&id=6

Belgium is small, so almost all climbing area's are within a 30min drive from eachother.

Foreigners need to have a membership with a UIAA recognized club. (=BMC or TAC)

There is a bivouac/camping site near the parking area at Freyr. Tents can only be put up in the evening, and have to be taken down in the morning.

Possible 'real' camping site:
Camping Villatoile
Pont à Lesse, 5500 Dinant
082 22 22 85

For berdorf(lux) the access is very strict. You have to apply for a permit at least 15 days in advance through this site:
 alpinist63 06 Jun 2012
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for more info on Berdorf, check out
if you're planing to visit Berdorf during the week, getting a permit is usually not a big problem, just apply as soon as possible.
there is a campsite close to the crags in Berdorf. for drink and food, Echternach (5km) is worth visiting.
 nniff 06 Jun 2012
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Dinant is at the bottom of the hill. I vaguely recall some very good bars and there are always ubiquitos frites vans around. I've not been for many years but the cafe/restaurant at the top of the crag used to do fabulous steak & frites and sold the guide.

Armed with a BMC card we used to camp next to the CAB hut at the top of the crag.

Some of the big limestone slabs up river are good - follow the river and railway lines until you get to a massive jungle of rail infrastructure and a level crossing and the slabs are plain to see.

It was far better when it was sparsely bolted though - mostly trad with bolts then.

 jimtitt 06 Jun 2012
In reply to maninblack:
I worked in Belgium for two years and thought Freyr was the pits, overcrowded and polished. Dave and Bees were much better in my opinion and Marche Les Dames is worth going to.
Dinant is cool, a bit touristy but worth the visit to eat and drink by the river (at a price). In the town square there is a giant saxaphone to commemorate its invention there by the good Dr Sax. Namur is quite interesting especially the citadel (especially when the motocross is on).
Paddling down the Leffe is worthwhile and the legendary Leffe beer better still!
Luxembourg is worth visiting for the cheap fags, petrol and a look around the city. A visit to ones bank account there is also practical! The climbing wasn´t really the best thing there but some like it.

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