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my 30 May 2019

Hi, me and a friend are off to Asturias in early June. By the sounds of all the good info on UKC and some blog sites, Teverga and Quiros are the places with a good selection of routes at all grades. Just wondering if anyone on here has a recommendation of where to stay based on your own experience please? Is Entrago a good base or are there any other locations you would choose?!  

Furthermore, if anyone has any recommendations for great, must do routes in the 6's sport, or sub HVS on gear (specially any long multi-pitch / big day out routes!) we'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Graeme Alderson 30 May 2019
my 30 May 2019
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Thank you Graeme, that was actually one of the first places I looked at. Hoping that someone that has stayed in the area could give other options but cheers anyhow

IceBun 30 May 2019
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We stayed in Panes and climbed in la desfiladero deal hermida and at Poo de Cabrales. Great area. I can’t find the accommodation anywhere now, it was a wee flat above the bar Cafeteria los Arcos and she owned it. Something there would be good though or you might find something in the town of unquera just north. Not quite where you were after but worth a look.

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my 11 Jun 2019
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Thanks for that info, have now got a place sorted but thanks again for the input.

dominic o 13 Jun 2019
Lesdavmor 14 Jun 2019
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Can you detail where the campsite is? We could not find it and ended up at the camping at Lagos de Somiedo, a beautiful spot but with limited climbing

Tony & Sarah 14 Jun 2019
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The free camping (there is an honesty box , toilet block with showers ,small charge) this is on the north side of St Martin de Teverga, a few hundred metres from the town centre. We haven't been in the summer but have spent the last 3 autumn early winters there. We actually stay at Richie Paterson's place.(Casa Quiros). The climbing,walking & cycling is brilliant and the running scene is incredible. Did 3 races last year, half marathon, finishing in St Martin, 11.5k road race and a 16k fell race (this would be a tough AM in England)


Tony & Sarah

heleno 14 Jun 2019
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> Can you detail where the campsite is? 

It's not a commercial campsite.  It's a parking area in Entrago next to a grassy field for tents, with toilets, water and a pay-shower.  It's mostly used by climbers, though a few other people also use it as a motorhome stopover.

To find it, just key "Parking Entrago" into Google maps - that will get you there!

Lesdavmor 14 Jun 2019
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Thanks a lot. The tourist office was closed at the time of our visit 

Christheclimber 14 Jun 2019
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We stayed at the refuge in Quiros which wes really good though it was quite a long time ago.

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