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josh12345 - on 08 Jan 2018

This year I'm thinking about going to Morocco and do a trek / trip in the Atlas mountains and I've been looking at a couple of options offered by Explore. The trips look are the sort of thing I am after and Explore seem a reputable company. I'm looking for something about a week long, going up a summit would be nice - is Toubkal a good target or are there better peaks to aim for which are not the highest in the Atlas?

Before I book anything I wondered if anyone has any recommendations or experiences of specific trips, places or travel companies they are willing to share?

This is all at an early stage of planning currently and I'm open minded to what I actually do and where I go.

Thanks, Josh
mysterion on 09 Jan 2018
In reply to josh12345:
Toubkal is the obvious choice, highest, well-trafficked, do Toubkal.

Then perhaps another peak from the same refuge if you feel like it, on the other side of the valley, Ras and Timesguida, Akioud, somewhere like that.

The High Atlas is fairly empty outside of Toubkal, I even found a local who was lost.
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mysterion on 09 Jan 2018
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I think Afella is an easier walking peak, a short detour if you are doing a long circuit refuge to refuge over the high passes rather than a quick in and out up the main valley from Imlil
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Dave Cundy - on 09 Jan 2018
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About 10 years ago, three of us did a clockwise trek from Imlil, over some 3000m mountains to Lake Ifni, up to Toubkal and back to Imlil. It was a fantastic time, far from the madding crowd (until we got to Toubkal). We were quite well acclimatised by then, so we cruised past them on summit day. I think we got the idea of the trek from the Lonely Planet guide. We carried food for seven days and got water from the streams with a filter (it was the start of May). We hardly saw a soul for five days. I think our packs were around 18 kg and we walked around 6-7 hrs a day. It got very cold overnight, so we were often in our pits by 7pm.

A brillliant time, if trekking and the wilderness is your thing.

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