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Joint - on 01 Sep 2013
How hard/easy is the trip down the canyon (Barranco del Infierno)?
Typically how long would it take?
Would it be possible with 2 kids?

Any info much appreciated.

AlH - on 01 Sep 2013
In reply to Joint: 2 of us took 10 teenagers and 1 inexperienced adult through it in Feb 2011 (Pics here: ). Well bolted, plenty easy scrambling and lots of abseils/lowers. There is 1 traverse that when we were there was equipped with a frayed fixed low stretch rope (second pic shows me adding our rope over it). This was strenuous and I had to hoist / help a number of the group up the start and onto the finishing ledge.
The walk out was a little hard to find (keep going, its further than you think) and then a steep pull up.
From memory fit teenagers / a little younger if used to climbing and hillwalking should be fine. Much younger / less experienced may be a little much.
Great canyon. In feb we had 1 knee deep wade, the rest was dry but I have no idea about water levels at this time of year- worth checking with locals. There is a warning on this site (good directions on how to get out at the end: ).

Good advice from the Orange house here
Al Evans on 02 Sep 2013
In reply to Joint: There is probably all you need to know in the previous links but I have done it several times so here's a couple of pictures, the most interesting walk out is up the 5,000 steps, if you do this it is a good idea to park in Fleix and work out the approach from there as that is where you will finish. There are other ways but that is my preffered route.
Stone Muppet - on 02 Sep 2013
Did it this march, not having wetsuits we spent most of it trying not to get wet. Would be a much easier proposition if you bit the bullet and did get wet. Watch out for the "marmites" though - a few pools with no exit - though you'll be fine so long as there's somebody competent with a rope who hasn't fallen in..!
Joint - on 02 Sep 2013
In reply to AlH:

Thanks for all the info. That's a great help.
PontiusPirate on 03 Sep 2013
In reply to Joint:

All I can add is that it's a great trip, saving the best rock architecture for the end.

I did it at the end of a drought and it was bone dry, negating the need to do the aided traverses.

Sam Mayfield - on 05 Sep 2013
In reply to Joint:

Thanks for the mentions and links guys :0)

I would say depends when you want to go and how much rain we have had before hand.

I would not attempt this at the moment as we had some horrendous storms last week and I would imagine the water level is high!

We did it with clients one year (Americans insisted! lol) and I have never been so cold in my life, was a great laugh but one I would not want to repeat. We all had to swim under water a bit at the end to get under a bridge the water was so high. It had rained in the mountains more than we thought!

Sam Orange House

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