Best place to stay in the Lofoten Islands

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 oceannash909 05 Jun 2021

Hi all

Thinking of going on a climbing trip to the Lofoten Islands in the summer holidays. However we want to do it budget, (despite Norway being the second most expensive country). Therefore we will not be renting a car, so we need a location which gives us access to a lot of climbing. We will not be staying in a bunkhouse or anything like that, instead we will find a location where we can camp for a week or two.

The area should have access to the following:

- Lots of climbing

- shops/ town nearby

Any suggestions of areas to stay are much appreciated

 James Oswald 05 Jun 2021
In reply to oceannash909:

We stayed opposite Gandalf when I went about 7 years ago. Free wild camping. Can walk to Presten and other crags. Walkt  to Henningsvaar and hitch to the nearest town (forgot the name). Nice spot

In reply to James Oswald:

There was also free camping near Kalle when I was there 5 years ago. 

 Kemics 05 Jun 2021
In reply to James Oswald:

If i remember there's some basic toilets and definitely a tap for drinking water there. 

Also, i was startled how expensive food was in lofoten. Definitely stop up in a mega mart in a city where you get your hire care...possibly even bring another hold bag of food!

In reply to oceannash909:

Sadly I've not been to Lofoten for quite some time, but I have done I think 3 week long trips there since the 90s.

It looks like there are now some basic facilities that you pay a bit for at Kalle Beach but the google reviews suggest there are also limitations on how long you can stay there and so on.

The other traditional place climbers camped was below Gandalfveggen - approximately here_ and from street view it looks like it is well used by camper vans. But even in the Noughties I remember there were problems with too many people camping there and, to be frank, leaving piles of crap and toilet paper not very well hidden.

To be honest - I think you are going to find it hard to get the best out of the islands without a car, but good luck and remember the weather is always perfect up there (or at least it always has been when I've been there). My top tip is take crack gloves or make reusable tape ones, as you climb much faster with them and climbing mainly cracks for a week is pretty hard going on your hands.

 wbo2 06 Jun 2021
In reply to oceannash909: A lot of people from Norway will be holidaying in Lofoten again this year so getting a camping spot is going to be tricky, yea very difficult so don't expect those spots to be possible.

Personally , as I live in Norway, I don't think it that's expensive and don't think the UK is that cheap.  Lofoten is a small place so pricing reflects that.  I do not know when we're opening for tourists again, and there is certainly a feeling that opening up for tourists that generally don't bring (economic) benefit to the country is about bottom of the priority list

In reply to oceannash909:

If I were to go again I would stay in Hemingsvaar (spelling not so good) beautiful town and climbers hub.

it’s around 20 min drive to Svolvaer for super market and large shops.

lots of climbing short walk from there or short distance drive ( bare in mind to drive 30 miles is like a 4 day camel trek) but absolutely beautiful!!

 Chris Craggs Global Crag Moderator  UKC Supporter 06 Jun 2021
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The Knowledge:


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 HeMa 09 Jun 2021
In reply to wbo2:

You're already open to tourists... From certain parts for Funland and no quarantine required. From the worst areas of Funland, isolation is required (but does not need to be a quarantine hotel).

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