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Bouldering in the States

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 e.ms355 19 Mar 2020

Given our plans for this year have now gone to pot, i'm looking ahead to next year. Having not been climbing in the states before and thinking of a two week trip, does anyone have any recommendations as where would be a good place to head? There are two of us, bouldering 7a-7c ish at the moment, probably not really highballers.. Either one or maybe two locations that would work for a two week trip (obviously we would go for longer if we could).

and once location suggestions have been made, are there guidebooks for the area? I'm so familiar with the UK guidebooks that the US ones just look very different (or at least the covers do) and not sure if they are outdated or just have a very different cover/format!

Cheers in advance

 dsauerbrun 20 Mar 2020
In reply to e.ms355:

A lot of the answers will depend on the weather... for example, Bishop is probably some of the best bouldering in the country but I wouldn't recommend going there in the summer.

A website I built could be helpful... www.climbcation.com is essentially a filter for world class destinations. Select bouldering as the climbing type, move the map to the US, pick the month(s) you want to go on your trip, and pick your bouldering grade from the dropdown to get your options.

Personally, I don't like going bouldering but I actually loved Bishop. If your trip is in the winter I would highly recommend going there.

 HeMa 20 Mar 2020
In reply to e.ms355:

IMHO the topo I have for one US location didn't seem all that different to the ones I have from Europe (Spain, Swiss, France etc.).

The big names of US bouldering are indeed Bishop CA, Hueco Tanks TX, and Joe's Valley UT.

But there are numerous others, like Horse pens 40 AL (which I visited, as I was around there anyway for business). 

As I'm fond of sand stone, I'd prolly head to Joe's or Hueco Tanks.

But as said, there are a kazillion locations.

Keep in mind, that same locales are for climbing in the winter, others during the summer and some fall.. you get the drift.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.