/ British Colombia 2-3 day hiking trails?

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RB1 on 02 Jul 2018

Any recommendations for 2-3 walks/hiking trails in south BC? Will be going in September, spending a week in Squamish, a week on Vancouver island and a week further inland.

SenzuBean - on 03 Jul 2018
In reply to RB1:

Howe Sound Crest trail fits the bill for around Squamish. It's very popular (although it's no West highland way), so maybe not what you're after. Juan de Fuca is probably all booked out, but worth looking into. Similarly the North Coast trail is worth a good look. I've done none of these, but will do the HSCT in about a month so can let you know how it goes.

Be aware that there might be fires all over the show inland at that time of year. You may be lucky to even drive through some of the highways, e.g. the Coquihalla or the Duffy might be all aflame and you can't drive past that way - let alone go hiking.

RB1 on 11 Jul 2018
In reply to SenzuBean:

Thanks for the suggestions. Let me know what the HSCT is!


Wild Isle - on 24 Jul 2018
In reply to RB1:

There is a ton of hiking on Vancouver Island. There are great hikes around Squamish too of course but there's something special about both the coastal hikes and mountain ridges on the Island. 

The suggestion of the North Coast Trail is very good but that's a week long expedition requiring some expensive logistics and a lot of driving. For a coastal hike more in your time frame I'd suggest heading out to Tofino and taking the water taxi to Flores Island and hiking the Wild Side Trail. Its one of the quickest, least expensive ways to experience the 'outside' coast, proper wilderness, big trees and First Nations' territory. You won't believe the beaches there.

There are great shorter hikes all over but some of the outstanding ones can be found on the smaller islands off Vancouver Island. From Squamish you're better off coming across on the ferry to Nanaimo and going west (Tofino) and north from there, (at least as far as Campbell River area). Quadra Island is a gem with miles of great day hikes, sport climbing, single-track mountain biking and world-class sea kayaking all around it. Gorgeous place!

For the 2-3 day hikes head from Campbell River up to Strathcona Park. Look at the Elk River Trail, Bedwell Lakes Trail or Flower Ridge. Each of these can offer fantastic experiences in 2-3 days. Hiking on gentle meadows with views of alpine peaks all around. Lots of options for longer and shorter hikes.

Hope you have a great trip.

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