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C’an Torrat, Mallorca

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 Emilio Bachini 11 Jul 2019

Evening all,

I’m not quite sure how I ended looking through old sketchbooks but I’ve come across some notes from a few years ago at the aforementioned crag in Mallorca.

A quick search and it sounds like access is an issue and that may be there reason I’m struggling to find any real information about the crag and the climbs there.

If anyone knows where I can find a topo, pictures or text about the crag it’d be much appreciated. I don’t plan on climbing there, in case anyone is thinking that.


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 Emilio Bachini 18 Jul 2019
In reply to Emilio Bachini:

Anyone got an old guidebook or anything with it in?

Just to clarify I climbed here a few years ago with some Spaniards and locals, though neither mentioned any access problems.

I’m just after the names and possibly grades of some routes for personal documentation. 

In reply to Emilio Bachini:

Hi Emilio

I had a small topo of one section with grades only. I will share it with you. There was a file with it that I think might have had route names but it is dated 1996 and I can't open it!

It wouldn't surprise me if access was on an ad hoc basis here. At the time I remember it was highly rated crag - "as good as Fraguel" were the rumours. Such is the way with access issues in Mallorca. They come and go, require strange permits for a time, then no-one can be bothered with the permits. My suspicion is that access in very small numbers of locals is tolerated, but anything more than that might cause problems again.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.