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Fredt on 09 Jan 2018

An odd request, but please bear with me.

My good friend has a terminal illness, and he has been to Chamonix dozens of times in the summer, climbing etc, but never in winter. He wants to see Chamonix covered in snow. He won't be able to climb, ski or even walk, just wants to see it.
This winter is probably his last chance, but various operations and hospital visits have now accounted for February.

My question is, what are the chances of seeing Chamonix town covered in snow in March?
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Pete Houghton - on 09 Jan 2018
In reply to Fredt:

It's impossible to say... three years ago we woke up one morning to 8 inches of fresh snow down in the valley in May... some years there is (at least some) snow in town winter-round until well into April... last year, the ONLY month that saw significant quantities of snow in town in an otherwise dry winter was March...

At the moment, the 200cm of snow that we HAD down in the valley is in the process of being washed away by foehn winds and warm rain...

If you offered me incredibly generous odds to put money on there being low-level snow at any given time of the year, I wouldn't take the bet. With the new, exciting, unpredictable climate that we seem to moving into, there is just no way of knowing. Sorry.

There is, as I'm sure you already know, the Montenvers train and the Brevent telecabine, both of which are close to town and incredibly accessible, and would doubtless become moreso if you were to ask the staff for assistance. There would (almost certainly) be snow at the top of either of them, of course.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.