/ Climb Slovenia or Croatia?

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coldfell - on 15 May 2013
just debating the merits of each, we would like to vary activity with mountain walking, Via Ferratas, historical sites etc. Are there any surcharges for taking hire cars across borders? Would it be practical to link Paklenica in Croatia to a climbing area in Slovenia? - we have 17 days and cheap flights available.
Zebdi - on 16 May 2013
In reply to coldfell:

When are you going and what climbing area in Slovenia do you plan to visit? It's a approx. 4hrs drive from Paklenica to Slovenia - unless there are traffic jams (quite common in high season).
davidbeynon on 16 May 2013
In reply to coldfell:
The only issue I can think of is that you are supposed to get one of those sticker things for the Slovenian motorways but there's a decent chance your hire car will have one already. It's probably worth asking.
Zebdi - on 16 May 2013
In reply to davidbeynon:

Ah, the vignettes.. weekly vignette costs 15 EUR, monthly one 30EUR.
Blue Straggler - on 16 May 2013
In reply to coldfell:

FWIW in 2009 we flew to Ljubljana and drove to Istria (north-east Croatia), about 2h to the border then another hour through Croatia to our villa near Moscenicka Draga. We drove through a good amount of Slovenian climbing spots but didn't stop because the Slovenia guidebook we had was full of HARD grades only! Paklenica is a fair bit farther south in Croatia (and very big!). We had ten days total and the trip was a combination of freediving and climbing. Didn't go sightseeing.
If you are going to be based in Paklenica why do you feel a need to go to Slovenia too? Fair enough you have 17 days but you'll use two half days going to and from Slovenia I imagine!
Blue Straggler - on 16 May 2013
Sorry just realised that was only half of your question. I can't compare the two as we only drove through Slovenia (more convenient and cheaper for the flights than was Pula in Croatia)
Hephaestus - on 16 May 2013
In reply to coldfell:

I've done a similar trip:

Flew to Venice, car hire, sightseeing
Drive North through Trieste, climbing at Napoleonica
Into Slovenia, climbing at Mija Pec and surrounds
Drove down to Paklenica, climbing, sightseeing, islands etc. Was an easy drive
Drove back up the coast road to Istrian Peninsula, climbing, sightseeing, all very beautiful and retro-Italian
Back to Venice.

Brilliant couple of weeks
danicro - on 17 May 2013
In reply to coldfell: Definitely get yourself to Split/ Omis area if having lot of time to spend. Dalmatia is full of historical sites and great climbing locations. It is 1,30 min south from Pakelnica and it's worth it!
coldfell - on 17 May 2013
In reply to Blue Straggler: yes we found cheap flights to Ljubliana - unusual for the school summer holidays - also the car hire seems way cheaper in Slovenia then Italy. I just wanted to explore the mountain region there too and not sure if Croatia has mountainous terrain in the climbing areas. Thanks for info.
coldfell - on 17 May 2013
Thanks for information guys - we are going 22nd July and have been (kayaking) to Slovenia before and wanted to do more in the mountains there. However a friend recommended Paklenica, might well stop in Istria and possibly stay there if climbing good. We climb easier sport routes - up to 6A usually but hope to improve! basically looking for some sun and a variety of activities. Cheers
kirsten on 18 May 2013
In reply to coldfell: I haven't been charged cross-border fees with Croatian hire cars (into Montenegro), although it was through one of their local companies. The internationals in Slovenia hit me for about 30 quid to cross the border to Austria
It was more expensive to hire in Slo, although it was last minute so I probably got stung there.

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