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Jo,rocks 23 Jul 2009
Going to Algarve in a few weeks to do some climbing,where can you get topos to the area,how much climbing is there.Any Help would be greatful.
geeze 25 Jul 2009
In reply to Jo,rocks:If your looking for info you could try they know the algarve

In reply to Jo,rocks: Not a lot is the simple answer. Quite a good sport crag north of the main Algarve area. Rocha Da Pena, not sure where you would get a topo, it's in the Jingo Wobbly Portugal Onsight guide book.

Otherwise, try DWS at Ingrina, out west beyond Lagos. Brilliant! It's worth buying Deep Water for this alone. If you do buy the book and go...the Smiley Face is no's parked about 5 metres off shore under water!
 johnjohn 29 Jul 2009
In reply to Jo,rocks:

just posting to say I'm sure I recall other threads on the algarve (am on lousy 3g so not searching...)

I've climbed at rocha da penna on a day off from surfing some years ago. Took a bit of finding as I recall. Nice spot for easy limestone sport. That's all we looked at anyway. But I don't know how long it'd keep you going.

I've heard there's some adventurous (a word to ensure I stay in the pub) sea cliff stuff about but nooot for the likes of me.
 nniff 29 Jul 2009
In reply to Jo,rocks:

There's an accurate description of how to get to Rocha da Pena on this site - do a quick search. The Jingo Wobbly Portugal guide has good topos of Rocha da Pena, but the photos and topos are very flattering - it's not a big crag. YOu can buy a one sheet topo from the bar at the crag, which is enough to get by, or download from one of the web sites listed in the crag instructions. Rocha da Pena is about half an hour from Vale do Lobo/Almancil. 20 minutes from Loule.

The crags at the end of the world (Cabo San Vincente) down at Sagres are fabulous though, but for those you need local knowledge as the Jingo Wobbly guide is totally and utterly useless. The Dromedario cafe in Sagres has lots of hand drawn topos in its routes book, but without someone to show you where each crag is you're stuffed. Best get in touch with Geeze who lives there.

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