/ climbing around Bezier/ Narbone, France

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lucas pilpel 12 May 2019


I will be working/living in Valras-Plage over the summer and am keen to get out climbing as much as possible.

Just wondering if there are any locals/people that know where and how to get around?

I know that there are a few small crags in Narbone National Park and bigger ones outside Montpellier. We don't have a car though so public transport that goes to any crag will be ideal.

Cheers, Lucas.

steve taylor 13 May 2019
In reply to lucas pilpel:

Hi Lucas

I spend a lot of time near Beziers and there's a load of climbing around.

La Clape is  decent and not too polished. Caroux is wonderful. Plenty other decent smaller crags nearby too. If you can get further afield you have Claret and Thaurac, which are pretty major.

There's a Facebook group for climbing in the area - a search for "Climbing - Escalade - Grimper: Tautavel; Opoul..." will find it for you. Beziers also has a climbing club - Club Megalithe. Between these you should be able to find someone to get out with.

It's a bit warm in the summer though! 40+ on several days last summer.

lucas pilpel 13 May 2019
In reply to steve taylor:

Cheers Steve. I'll see if we can get to these crags and meet some people.

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