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Cake on 02 Nov 2012
I am going to Ross on Wye next Summer on a non-climbing family holiday and couldn't help but notice the large number of good climbing venues nearby. I may not even be able to get to any cliffs given the nature of holiday and will be most likely by myself if I do. So, you see, I don't want to be buying a load of guide books I may not even use (as it seems there many books for this area).

So my questions are:

What could be the best guide for a guy in my position? Is there a selected routes guide of the whole area?

It looks like Symonds Yat and Wintours Leap are both good venues, but would you recommend one being a no-no for soloing?

Also, are there any venues which could be nice for families to just hang out or walk etc?

Thanks for responses
Mark Davies PK on 02 Nov 2012
In reply to Cake:

Climber's Club South West Climbs Vol 1 will sort you out.
Cake on 02 Nov 2012
In reply to Mr Mark Stephen Davies:
That's the book sorted, thank you
BusyLizzie on 04 Nov 2012
In reply to Cake: Depending on the age of your family, you can take them to Symonds Yat; you hop over the fence behind the tea shack and down the path to the crags while they enjoy the peregrines and the RSPB telescopes, lunch at the tea shack, and a jolly walk down through the forest to the bouncy bridge at the Biblins.

Then another day you can send them off to Clearwell Caves in the morning, and the Puzzlewood in the afternoon (and there's something across the road from the Puzzlewood for very small kiddies, I think); and there's a sculpture trail too I think somewhere in the woods. If they are a bit bigger you can send them (or you can all go) canoeing or horse-riding.

Have a lovely time!
(veteran of many family holidays round there)
pasbury on 05 Nov 2012
In reply to Cake:

I wouldn't really recommend the Yat for soloing - some looseness, soil in holds and polish on easier stuff - but for a bit of bouldering you could sample the wierd sandstone bouldering at Huntshams and other outcrops.

There's a guidebook:

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.