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malcolmphelps - on 19 May 2017
I have booked flights to San Francisco in July hoping to climb for two weeks in Tuolomne but the Tioga pass and the campsite are closed until at least 1 August because of unseasonal snow.
Can anyone suggest suitable mid-grade (up to E2 UK) alternatives other than Yosemite Valley itself? Have looked at Shuteye Ridge and Lake Tahoe for example . Would the temperature be ok? Also campsite accommodation suggestions welcome.

Mike Turner - on 19 May 2017
In reply to malcolmphelps:

Where did you see that? I just read on the NPS website that for Tioga Road (Hwy 120 through the park) - which I assume is the one you mean? "in years with similar snowpack, the road has opened in late June or early July.". I haven't looked for the Tuolomne campsite

Rick Graham on 19 May 2017
In reply to Mike Turner:

As you say, probably OK. Latest opening date July 1.
malcolmphelps - on 19 May 2017
In reply to Rick Graham:

The current quote from the campsite is "Attention Campers: Tuolumne Meadows has received heavy snowfall this year. In anticipation of a late opening, reservations at Tuolumne Meadows Campground will be available beginning August 1, instead of July 15 as normal. We will release reservations before August 1 once an opening date is known, if it is determined the campground will open before August 1. Check for the latest information.
I'd still appreciate views on alternative places to climb. Also, if the campsite is late opening, does anyone have experience of the likely accessibility and condition of the rock climbs?
cat22 - on 19 May 2017
In reply to malcolmphelps:

Lover's Leap near Tahoe has loads of great stuff in the mid grades, and should be a reasonable temperature (though I've only been in late October, when it was pretty cold!). Also consider the Needles

I don't think anyone's too sure exactly when the climbs around Tuolumne will be accessible this year, but it's worth being flexible! Supertopo and Mountainproject forums will have the up-to-date info.
kenr - on 20 May 2017

The Eastside Sierra around Lee Vining and June Lake and Mammoth and Rock Creek has more climbs and more rock variety than Tuolumne Meadows. Also the higher-elevation crags around Bishop can be cool enough to climb in summer (e.g. Cardinal Pinnacle + Pine Creek). The granite on the Eastside is more "featured" than Tuolumne (and so I think "more fun") and as soon as they open the road, you can drive in to Tuolumne for a day of granite climbing there.

The Eastside also has interesting volcanic rock and now opening some quartzite.

Let's try some statistics here:
shows 2000 climbs _outside_ of (higher elevation than) Bishop.
Then we can add about 300 from Bishop to get the total to 2300 routes.

Next let's compare Tuolumne Meadows:
473 routes

Maybe the Eastside Sierra might have enough to keep you busy for a week or two.

Plenty of camping options too.

Airports: Note that Reno (RNO) or Las Vegas (LAS) might be closer to the Eastside than the big-city California airports. Also consider MMH.
. . . (Too bad you already purchased tickets for SFO -- I used to make that mistake too).

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Brown - on 21 May 2017
In reply to malcolmphelps:

I'm heading to Shuteye Ridge in mid June so I could let you know what its like after that. I've heard that the roads are quite rough and it might be limited without four wheel drive.

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