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oraneym - on 27 Feb 2013

I am going climbing for a week in Mallorca at the start of April and was wondering if anyone knew of any good, cheap accommodation?

I was also wondering if any one knew how easy it is to get around without a car and where would be best to be located?

Quad on 27 Feb 2013
In reply to oraneym: When we went to Mallorca, we used this website to rent an appartment and it was really good. Much cheaper than a hotel and gives you more flexibility if you want an early start or late dinner etc, which can be useful if you want to go climbing early moring or evening when it's cooler or in the shade. We stayed in the Port of Soller which is in the North and much, much nicer than the concrete jungles of the more popular southern beach resorts, but it is more expensive and we needed a car to get to the crags. I would recomend hiring a car, it's really quite cheap and none of the crags we went to would've been acsessible on public transport as far as I could tell, but that may be differnt in the south. Hope that is of some help and have a great time.
Ian Bentley on 27 Feb 2013
In reply to oraneym:

Firstly Mallorca is amazing climbing, you'll have a lot of fun!

There is some great info in the guidebook which you can sneak peek at with this link. It's got all the basic info to answer your questions P20-23

I think without a car you will be very limited.

For cheap accomodation both times i've been we booked a hotel room / apartment and they are dirt cheap £4pppn. You get more than what you pay for! clean and comfy enough (but obviously don't expect much else!) some people on trip advisor seem to expect the ritz for this money! They're basically package holiday hotels but so cheap as it's out of season. Cheapest hotels are in the south east, places like s'illot and sa coma. Ideally positioned for the best DWS crags and some good sport as well at cala magraner.
IPPurewater on 27 Feb 2013
In reply to oraneym: This might be of use. THere are some huts in Mallorca.

silhouette - on 27 Feb 2013
In reply to oraneym: I posted this elsewhere but may be useful " I'm often an advocate of public transport but (...) I feel you're going to struggle without a car; some good venues in Mallorca are reasonable by bus (Sa Gubia, Valledemossa, Port de Soller, Cala Magraner with a walk) but you won't have the flexibility to move to a different venue if the chosen one doesn't work out - for example Sa Gubia is fantastic but if the wind funnels through the gap it can be positively scary"
highclimber - on 27 Feb 2013
In reply to oraneym: I echo the 'get a car' brigade. S'estret, Sa Gubia, Valledemossa are good crags not been over to the east of the Island but I hear there's plenty over there too
MartinPL - on 28 Feb 2013
In reply to oraneym:

Try lowcostholiday or beatthebrochure, easy to book a hotel in price 55 pounds a week f.e. in Santa Ponsa (based on two people in room). Sometimes even cheaper, like last year when I booked hotel in really good place in san antonio for 3,75 pounds per night

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