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StrollingAnne on 13 Jan 2018

Hi All,

I am currently travelling in Mexico by bicycle and would like to go climbing on my own as a side trip, for one or 2 weeks during the next few months. I only have my climbing shoes with me, so finding everything else gearwise to rent for cheap is important for me. Has anyone been climbing in Mexico, in Potrero chico or elsewhere, and had experience renting gear for cheap on site or nearby? Any tips/recommendations ?

Additionally, apart from Potrero Chico can anyone recommend a good climbing area for sport-climb/top-roping level 5+/6a (not too fussed about multipitches as I only have a very limited experience with them), which is relatively easy to access without a vehicle, decently cheap for accommodation, where it is possible to buddy up or to receive good tuition for a good price ? Recommendations/ advices appreciated ! Thank you

okclimber - on 19 Jan 2018
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I'm from the US and have spent 2 weeks in El Potrero Chico.  You would have no problem finding partners this time of the year.  There's an active FB group called "Potrero Chico Rock Climbing" where you may be able to borrow/rent a harness for cheap.  Homeros Ranch is probably the most budget friendly accommodation.

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