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Martin Hore - on 15 Dec 2017
I'm looking for accommodation for a mixed adult group (climbers and some non-climbers) of around 10 people next April in the Costa Blanca climbing area. Either a shared house/villa or adjacent apartments. Ideally close to public transport.

Any recommendations would be really welcome.

PS: I know about The Orange House but unfortunately it's booked that week.

Many thanks

buxtoncoffeelover - on 15 Dec 2017
In reply to Martin Hore:

La Asmoladora. Excellent villa (we were a group of 8) plus extra casitas. Pool, terrace, crags nearby (Alcalali). Great value for money.
afshapes - on 16 Dec 2017
In reply to Martin Hore:

Abdet ! Tom Phillips. Great accommodation in a stunning setting
tmawer - on 16 Dec 2017
In reply to afshapes:

The crag at Abdet not the greatest, but plenty of other one's close enough to drive to but I don't know what public transport is like.
sheffieldchris - on 17 Dec 2017
In reply to Martin Hore:

Another vote for Abdet, you are going to have to drive a little each day and make sure you plan ahead for food shopping but the 2 houses are next to each other and you can hire both of them and it will still be cheaper than a villa down on the coast.
spenser - on 17 Dec 2017
In reply to tmawer:

I think that the public transport to Abdet would be pretty rubbish, we went into Benidorm to pick up a member of our group who came out a couple of days after us from the bus station, however would definitely agree that the accommodation at Abdet is very pleasant. We weren't at all impressed with the quality of climbing at the Abdet crag, however Guadalest was excellent.
This said on our second trip we opted to stay in a villa just outside Calpe which was frankly excellent, I would definitely recommend taking a look on Owner's Direct.
Martin Hore - on 17 Dec 2017
In reply to Martin Hore:

Thank you everyone for your replies.

Public transport is pretty important for my wife who neither drives nor climbs. So I fear Abdet is not ideal.

La Asmoladora looks good. I believe the nearest bus route is in Alcalili but it doesn't look like the buses are very frequent from what I can see.

Spenser, if you return here please could you let me know which villa it was just out of Calpe. That could be good for us too. I'll email you as well.

Many thanks

Sam Mayfield - on 18 Dec 2017
In reply to Martin Hore:

Martin sorry we cant take you, If you get stuck as we do have access to alot of accomodation in the area and might have something else to suggest.

Sam Orange House
Stairclimber on 18 Dec 2017
In reply to buxtoncoffeelover:

Asmolodora is well placed and we keep returning to it as a quality holiday experience as well as being good for the nearby climbing. You need a car, but a good supermarket (or fish and chips) is just 10 minutes away, the coast at Calpe less than half an hour and Derek, the owner exceptionally welcoming. The pool area is a real suntrap and though the April swim may only be for the hardy, is a wonderful space to chill out in. The blossom in the valley is a beautiful sight.
mag_to_grid - on 19 Dec 2017
In reply to Martin Hore:

Have a look on holiday lettings site.

Recently got some accommodation off there called Casa Bella in Calpe, a bit basic and tired but did the job very cheaply.

Total cost for the week was 280 GBP split between 9 however it is probably better suited to 8.

If its cheap and cheerful in a decent location you are after then you cant go too wrong.

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