/ Costa Blanca vs. Siurana vs. Mallorca for XMAS

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natgus - on 09 Nov 2012
So I know there are quite a few forums about winter climbing destinations, but browsing through them only made me more confused about what to do.

Anyways, I am trying to decide where to go for my winter break Dec. 22- Jan 5. I am living in Mallorca and could stay here and climb, but I would like to travel to a different climbing if I could find partners easily and it was not too expensive. Anyone have any advice for if I should travel solo to Siurana or Costa Blanca? Would Siurana be too cold? Would it be easy to find partners/rides in Costa Blanca? Getting to Siurana appears to be cheaper, which would be a plus for me. Should I just stay in Mallorca where I know I will be able to climb most days if the weather cooperates?

Thanks for you help! Also, if anyone is ever coming to Mallorca to climb let me know. You can crash at my place for a few days and climb.
Al Evans on 09 Nov 2012
In reply to natgus: I think Siurana could be cold at Xmas, the Costa Blanca will be much like Mallorca but possibly less windy.
Try The Orange House for partners.
Sam Mayfield - on 10 Nov 2012
In reply to natgus:
Hi Natgus

you can get the ferry over to Costa Blanca which should not be too expensive or fly from Ibiza.

We will be busy here at Orange House so if you need partners you would have plenty and at all grades I think.

contact me if you want to check prices etc

Sam Orange

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.