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NickST - on 04 Jul 2018

Evening All,

I'm attempting to plan a last minute trip to the Dolomites (4 - 11 Aug), primarily looking at the Vajolet Towers. Aware that this time of year is going to be busy with the Italian holidays - confirmed by the lack of available accommodation. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for apartments/campsites in the Val di Fassa or surrounding areas that would give access to the Vajolet Towers area?


Dave Williams - on 05 Jul 2018
In reply to NickST:

Camping Soal is within very easy walking distance of the departure point for the shuttle bus in Pera di Fassa. The bus more-or-less takes you up to the Rifugio Gardeccia. From there a marked path, steep in places, leads to the Rifugio Alberto beneath the Vajolet Towers. 

Be prepared to be extremely aggressive when catching the bus and use sharpened elbows liberally as the Italian hoards will take no prisoners. Best done as a pair - one to elbow and claw their way onto the bus and save a seat; the other to deliver the sacks to the driver to load in the boot.

Camping Soal is pleasant enough, plenty of trees for shade and has good facilities . Hopefully there will be room for a tent despite it being a busy period. It's also a handy base for exploring other nearby areas too - e.g. Sella Towers; Passo Pordoi etc

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Toerag - on 05 Jul 2018
In reply to Dave Williams:

I've camped there too in the early 2000s. I remember it being fine with a Pizzeria onsite. It wasn't convenient for 'town' though - you needed a car to get to anywhere, but looking on googlemaps it doesn't seem too bad now - perhaps everything in Vigo was shut when we were there?

Googlemap here,11.6953583,909m/data=!3m1!1e3

Don't drive up to Rif Gardeccia in your own car past the 'no vehicles' sign - you'll get a parking ticket and they will hunt down your home address and send it to you!

beardy mike - on 05 Jul 2018
In reply to NickST:

For Vajolet towers, why not stay in the hut? Infact why not just stay in huts anyway as it means you get your evening and morning meals, and don't have to take loads of kit with you on the plane...

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