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L miniwheat on 15 Feb 2018

Heading to the Dolomites in September. Looking for a multi-day route that could include an overnight stay at a Refugio. Either climbing or Via Ferrata is of interest. We will be spending a week or so in a home base with day trips for climbing, but we'd also like to experience a stay at a Refugio.

beardy mike - on 15 Feb 2018
In reply to miniwheat:

Sorry, not really sure what your question is? What route should you look at?

yelotango - on 19:55 Thu
In reply to miniwheat:

Look at Catinaccio a number of VF & climbs (e.g. Vajolet Towers) between Rif.Alpes di Tires and Val di Fassa, otherwise the Sextener Dolomites near Tre Cime have a number of paths / climbs and VF. I`d recommend the RockFax guide which has details of both climbs and a Tabbacco map of the area you decide on.

Toerag - on 13:08 Fri
In reply to miniwheat:

Lots of opportunities, these are ones I've done:- 

Main Dolomites:-

Up VF Brigadate Tridentina, stay in Sella hut, down VF Vallon, up VF Piz daLech, then down (check Vallon isn't broken).

Up Vf Rene Da Pol, Stay in Laurenzi hut, down VF Ivano Dibona (hut might be shut due to cablecar replacement?)

Up VF Masare & Rotwand, stay in Vajolet hut?, Vf Santnerpass? Vf Kesselkogel?

Brenta - 

Groste cablecar up, VF / path to Tuckett hut for lunch, VF SOLSAT, stay at Rif Alimonta, down VF Spellini, along Orsi path, VF Bernini back to Groste. Or Bochette Alte instead of Spellini and Orsi if you can read maps properly .

In short, get a guidebook and work out the enchainement possibilities. Biggest potential problem will be getting back to your start point.

Gustavo - on 22:09 Fri
In reply to miniwheat:

The Brenta area is great for hut to hut vf, but you really need to spend about 4 nights in huts if you link the routes running north South and want to pick off the best routes along the way.

We hit it at the right time weather wise and had 5 days of perfect blue skies but others I know who have done the trip were plagued with mist and poor visibility. 

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