/ Ettringen, Germany.

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davkeo - on 09 Sep 2018

Looking for some advice/recommendations from anyone who has climbed here. Mainly where to camp (paid or doss areas) & which guidebook is best. Or maybe it’s one of those convienient German crags that has the route name & grade at the bottom of each climb?!  

Any other tips welcome.



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HansStuttgart - on 09 Sep 2018
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Don't camp outside of official campsites. The area is close to being closed for climbing because of stuff like that...

Naturfreundehaus Laacherseehaus is a good place.

We used Schwarze Säulen, which was fine. Everything is easy to find, because the routes are mostly defined by the crack lines.

Bring camalots....

Carless - on 10 Sep 2018
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I've only stayed once at one of the campsites there (I think the Laacher See but I could be wrong)

It was fine and well situated on a lakeside with good food & beer

BUT, at the time they had the most unbelievably bureaucratic arriving and registering that we've ever seen

I seem to remember that each tent had to have someone go there at 15:00, queue up to check-in

this put a large dent in the time for climbing

I wouldn't go again if they still have this system

Maybe HansStuttgart has more recent information


davis - on 12 Sep 2018
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I was just there and did a blog post on it check out moredaysoff.com

I linked the guide book. Routes. Crags. And lots of other area beta.



davkeo - on 20 Sep 2018
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Thanks for this it was very helpful. 

davkeo - on 20 Sep 2018
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Thanks for the messages. Just did 2 days at Ettringen, staying at the Siesta campsite. Climbing is pretty cool & well worth a stop over. The campsite was fine but a little noisy due to the proximity to the motorway. 


For anyone interested in crack climbing in the general area then I can recommend a place called ‘Zeigelhausen’ in Heidelberg. There’s a classic trad climb called ‘Super crack of Highdelberg’ which is well worth seeking out. Worth doing for the name alone! 

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