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phja - on 13 May 2018

Hi. Me and my partner are heading to Nepal for Everest 3 passes trek. I’m finding tips on specific accommodation in each village hard to come by and wondered if UKC would have any recommendations? Not too concerned with 5* luxury but a toilet and somewhere to wash would be nice? Any suggestions of places to stay (or avoid!) in each village would be much appreciated. Thank you

CliffPowys on 13 May 2018
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One thing you will not get is 5* luxury!

There is little consistency in lodge standards. A great stay one year can be a poor one next year. Cooks and ownership change. So no reliable recommendations are possible.

What I do is have a look around several places before settling on one. Ask to see the vacant rooms and the toilet. Ask what food they have available for that night. The lodges with the best facilities are sometimes booked by large groups, the leaders of which have personal contacts with the owners.

Washing facilities are sometimes limited to a wash basin higher up. Otherwise a shower is a small room with a pebble floor and a solar heating system. The water is frequently "cool". Toilets are mainly squat over a hole. Lodges in Namche are the most "luxurious" and may well have Western style toilets and showers.

BruceM - on 17 May 2018
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Have a look at our movie of our trip.  In the credits at the end it lists all the tea houses we stayed in.

I can recommend all of them -- except the one at Dzonglha on the Khumbu side of Cho La.  And that is only because when we stayed there this poor lad was trying to run the place by himself and didn't seem that experienced.  No biggy, but it wasn't as smooth as everywhere else.   Still very friendly of course!  (I'm sure it is different now anyway.)  There was another big lodge next door that everyone stayed in which seems to get raving reviews from people we met.

All the rest were excellent.  The best places were when we stayed alone with just the family running the place (was Nov/Dec).  We would all sit around the fire together and yak, or just nod and smile together.  Very peaceful.

Have a great time.

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