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George Fisher 10 May 2019

We're (Wife and 3&6 yr old) going holiday on the west coast of France in August staying with the whole extended family of in-laws which might be nice. It might not. (it won't)

Ive decided that we should take another week before hand to make the most of the ferry cost and have some time with just the four of us.  Font seems like a good bet, I can do a little bouldering, we can all ride bikes around the forest eating baguettes and have a day out in Paris. 

We'd like Gite rather than an apartment so we can spread our vast quantities of stuff around,  it would be nice to have a cafe and boulangerie close by and maybe a low key restaurant.

Where should we stay??  Climbing is not the primary focus here and I don't mind driving about a bit fo various activities.


Si dH 10 May 2019
In reply to George Fisher:

Loads of options but somewhere in Barbizon or Milly La Foret would be good for those requirements. 

Ged Desforges 12 May 2019

We stayed in an Airbnb place in recloses. Lovely village, right on the edge of the forest, 10 to 15 minute drive to the main climbing areas. 

HeMa 12 May 2019
In reply to George Fisher:

I've stayed in numerous places in 'Bleua with kids (and without).

The bigger "towns" offer restaurants and so on, smaller ones less so. But almost all villages will have a boulangerie.

I do second the motion for Barbizon. And while I did love Le Vaudoue, there was no restaurant (or it was not open in Feb/March).

I'd prolly look for Barbizon, Milly-la-Foret or Bourron-Marlotte.

Jon Greengrass 13 May 2019
In reply to George Fisher:

We have stayed in Chateau Landon for our last 2 font bouldering trips, its about 30-40 minutes drive south of Fontainebleau, but being just that bit further from Paris the town feels much more chilled more like a village The town is set on high on a plateau looking out over a country park which can be accessed either by a hairpin paths/roads or ancient stone staircases. The park has a play area, nature trail, a small river/stream crossed by many small bridges, and some friendly donkeys.

There are several restaurants in the town this year we ate at the Cheval Blanc which does traditional French food. There are 2 Boulangerie a café, pharmacy, organic mini-mart and a butcher within walking distance, there is a small supermarket on the far side of the town.

we stayed at https://www.cheznous.com/279354/chateau-landon-house-seine-et-marne.aspx

My kids loved the games room in the basement, the cupboard full of games in the lounge and the enclosed garden.

The closest bouldering and walking in the "forest" is at Elephant or Dame Jouanne 25 minutes drive.

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