/ Favorite crags in Lecco?

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m4doyle 07 Oct 2019

Heading to Lecco for a weekend of two days climbing. 

I've got the most recent guidebook, however it's gigantic and in italian.

Any specific crag recommendations 6b - 7a? Is it worth driving a little further outside Lecco? How bad is the polish?

We will only be there for two days so would prefer to stay somewhat close to lecco if possible. 

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rlrs 07 Oct 2019
In reply to m4doyle:

I've been twice in the last three years and we stayed at the sporting club in Ballabio just up the hill from Lecco, in the Valsassina valley, pleasant, charming with good restaurant.


In general the traffic around Lecco and in the whole area down by the Lakes is busy, and can be a real nightmare around rush hour.

For your grade range  Vaccarese is probably good, easily accessible by car from Ballabio, but it does take some seepage.  A short drive north from Ballabio,  Angelone - Valsassina is an interesting big area on the hillside, some hiking to get between crags.

Down by the lake, just north of Lecco, La Discoteca is nice, well bolted, usually busy.

Note also this resource for topos:


Andy Lagan 08 Oct 2019
In reply to m4doyle:

Nibbio is great, but it might be a bit cold at this time of year.

Lariosauro is great too (next to Discoteca), I don't remember the polish being to bad, but its been I few years since we were there.




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