/ Finestrat to Sella - Road Closed AGAIN!!!! argghh!!!

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Sam Mayfield - on 29 Sep 2012
The road between Finestrat and Sella is closed again!

I cant believe they have done this after the hassle last time. You could get through at a push a few years ago when they upgraded but they are "fixing" a part that has no short cut or cut through.

Well the heck didnt they build it proper in the first place I will never know.

The only access is down towards Orcheta and back up past the dam. If anyone is staying at Orange House we have a map of short cut through from Finestrat.

A pissed off Sam Orange!
Sam Mayfield - on 01 Oct 2012
In reply to Sam Mayfield:

I went for a look yesterday and the hole they have dug is massive so could be closed for a while with no bypass, no diversion signs either, good old Spain! ;0)

Sam Mayfield - on 07 Oct 2012
In reply to Sam Mayfield:

UPDATE Sunday afternoon 7th Oct

I took a walk today to check progress and looks promising!

They have laid and are spreading the hardcore and looks like we might have some tarmac soon.

Fingers crossed finished by end of month.

Sam Orange
Steve Green - on 09 Oct 2012
Finestrat cut off again! Luckily Sella access is still inimpeded, just 45 mins from the airport with our own signposted junction 66.
Sam Mayfield - on 09 Oct 2012
In reply to Steve Green:

Er Finestrat not really cut off from anywhere apart from Sella, Rellue etc.

The extra distance is only 5 mins though as the large group staying here at the moment timed it for me.

Sam Orange House

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