/ First time DWS - Deep Water Soloing - in Mallorca

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JezAuditore - on 08 Jul 2018


I'm off to Mallorca for some DWS end of September but have never been before and in all honestly I have absolutely no clue where to start.

Firstly, where would be best for some easy stuff. I'm heading just for a chill session with my partner so would need to be around her standard (5+) as well as some stuff for me (7b upwards).

Can you approach the crags on foot or would I need to get a boat. If its a boat, any recommendations on somewhere to rent cheap.

Any general tips also appreciated. I do intend to grab the Mallorca 2016 guide as well


steve taylor - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to JezAuditore:

Cala Sa Nau has some decent f5 - f6 traverses in the main cove and some OK easier stuff on the sea walls. The Hupolup Kempf cave looks stunning.

Plus it's a really nice beach.

PawelP - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to JezAuditore:

I found  Sa Calobra to be great, discovered by accident as it was family holidays so wasn't planning any climbing and never tried DWS before. Lots of nice, easy but rewarding climbs on the wall at the norther side of the bay, don't think they are listed as probably not 'serious or interesting enough' but still great fun. Start off from the beach, swim around and check if entry is safe first. 

daimon - on 09 Jul 2018
In reply to JezAuditore:

Hi Jez

I think all your questions will be answered when you get your copy of the 2016 Mallorca Rockfax guide. 

There are plenty of good areas to try, but be mindful that some do require some equipment to exit the water. 


JezAuditore - on 09 Jul 2018

Thanks for the responses. I will check them all out and pick the guide up ASAP

Tom Blake - on 10 Jul 2018
In reply to JezAuditore:

Don't forget to have a crack at Es Pontas! There is a really chilled spot nearby (Santanyi if i remember correctly) where there are some 4s and 5s with ladder access. 

Take Joe with you if you can, I'm sure he could use some sun and exercise

JezAuditore - on 13 Jul 2018
In reply to Tom Blake:

:') not too sure how keen he would be tbh

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