Flying with just hand luggage?

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 Chris Craggs Global Crag Moderator  UKC Supporter 15:14 Thu

I was wondering, if you travel with just hand luggage, you would normally just roll up to the departure gate. So where do you show your paperwork to prove you are jabbed up, anyone know?



In reply to Chris Craggs:

I believe it is shown before boarding at the gate even if with a checked bag, isn't it?

 remus 15:30 Thu
In reply to Chris Craggs:

As I understand it the real checks are when you arrive in your destination and go through passport control etc. I think checks in the departure airport are just the airline trying to save people hassle by making sure they've got everything they need and won't get turned away.

In reply to Chris Craggs:

Depends on the airport. When I flew to the UK and back from Lyon, I had hand luggage only and didn't have to show any evidence of jab until the boarding gate. This seemed stupid as a great opportunity to slow things down. I used the Verfly App which stores all your evidence, validates it and gives you a big tick to show to whoever asks.

Coming back from Heathrow, I wasn't able to check in online so was forced to queue for an in-person check-in. That's when I had to show my evidence.

I flew to Amsterdam on the first day of the vaccine passports in France and leaving AMS they didn't check anything but that was an internal Schengen flight - just the automatic departure gate like a Tube turnstile.

Same with Paris->London Eurostar the other day. They were checking vaccine status of everyone in the queue as we were lining up for the checkin gates.

> As I understand it the real checks are when you arrive in your destination 

I've not been checked in any destination (although admittedly only Lyon, London or Amsterdam in the last couple of months), just always on departure. Even French border control haven't asked for any of the paperwork on arrival.

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If travelling with hand luggage only you show the paperwork at the departure gate. This is not very efficient and slows down boarding for those with checked luggage who have already shown their paperwork at check-in and had their boarding pass marked acccordingly. I'm not sure why they don't have a separate place for hand luggage only travellers to show their paperwork...

 Chris Craggs Global Crag Moderator  UKC Supporter 17:16 Thu
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Cheers for the replies - all good to know,


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Been away twice recently. It’s at check in if you have hold luggage and the boarding gate if you’re just hand luggage. You’ll get held up by the people trying to frantically get their phone to work at the gate! 

 ianstevens 20:55 Thu
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Hand luggage only you’ll be checked at the gate in my experience (at least this is how it works in Copenhagen). If you have checked baggage, you’ll be checked at bag drop before you go through security. Some airlines (BA for example) will allow you to upload docs online which are verified before you even check in, making the in airport process take no longer than pre-corona, except for…

most of the faff to a great deal of faff as people seem unable to find out the documents they actually need, don’t know the rules of their destination or have some other kind of faff which makes them take even longer. Usually they same people who are surprised their watch sets of the security scanner.

 Babika 21:46 Thu
In reply to Chris Craggs:

It all depends on the airline and arrival country.

We've flown lots in the past 20 months and just get used to jumping through random hoops that change every 5 minutes.

We've visited 1 country that said they wouldn't accept electronic forms and you had to have it all on paper. 

2 days ago while flying the airline demanded we fill in a load of paperwork in the air and collected it all in. It's very tiresome but best to be prepared for anything (carry a pen....)

I find reading the annoying documents the airline send you and the website for the country you're going to quite useful. 

 John Ww 09:04 Fri
In reply to Chris Craggs:

Hi Chris. Frying back to Manchester from Düsseldorf with Eurowings a fortnight ago, you have to check in online, but then have to physically go to their check in counter to get your boarding pass. They check your passenger locator form and vaccination status before they’ll give you it. 
HTH, John 

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