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Munch 12 May 2019

Planning on heading to Belgium and climbing at Freyr next weekend. None of us have been before, although we do have a friend that used to go a lot, but not in the last ten years, so we are looking for as much up to date info as possible.

Is the Cafe Chamonix still closed, and if so, where is the best place for waffles and beer close by?

Is the campsite at the top of the crag near the cafe still open?

Which Guidebook is best? I've narrowed it down to Chris Craggs' book and the newer Falcon guide, or is there something better (ideally in english)


nniff 13 May 2019
In reply to Munch:

I've just done a quick Google and the bar would appear to be alive and well and trading as Le Freyr.  No idea if that's the one you mean and it's donkeys' years since I last went, but that's where we used to go (that and one of the bars in town).

Great place though, but used to be better when it was predominantly trad with a few bolts.

RR 13 May 2019
In reply to Munch:

There is a bar = le Colebi = the former “Chamonix”. I have never been to Le Freyr (may be not a climbers place I think

Camping is allowed on the plateau. No daytime camping is on the plateau. Close by is a camping in Walzin (Villatoile Camping et gîtes) as well as a shop where you can obtain a Topo. The topo is in French and Dutch. 

The rocs is quite polished in the low grades.

Munch 13 May 2019

Excellent stuff, thanks. Good to know about the cafe / bar.

I've read that there's a lot of polish on the easier routes, as well as comments about busy belays and people climbing over each other. If it's too bad, we'll scope out some of the other crags nearby.

​​Any recommendations on guidebooks? I'm heading to the bookshop to order one this afternoon.

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Sam W 13 May 2019
In reply to Munch:

Guidebook - I've got one by Marc Bott. Text is French and Flemish, with key info also in English.  It exclusively covers Freyr, seems comprehensive, may be an option for you? Suspect easy to pick up locally

Carless 13 May 2019
In reply to Munch:

Unfortunately Le Chamonix was completely destroyed by fire some years ago and no signs of being rebuilt. It was by far the best bar/restaurant in the area.

Le Colibi is still there and probably the best bet but its food is nowhere near as good as Le Chamonix used to be. Auberge Le Freyr is still there and has made it clear over the years that they're not really interested in climbers as clientele

The campsite is still there but redesignated as a biviouic site so you should not leave your tents up during the day

Chris Craggs' guide is probably still ok for a flying visit but the definitive one is the full Freyr topo by Marc Bott

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