'Friendly' climbs near Abersoch

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 GrahamD 18:04 Tue

I'll be meeting my brother, pretty much a non climber (although he has done a little bit in the past), in Abersoch.  As an option, we'd like to do a spot of climbing.  Obviously places like Tremadog and other inland venues are easily driveable, but I was wondering whether there are any worthwhile, amenable options near Abersoch for a day ?

'Worthwhile' meaning relatively solid, clean rock with decent outlook and nice climbing and 'amenable' meaning up to VS / 5c max with walk in access (I'm rusty and brother is not massively experienced).

I have the 2002 Lleyn guide (with Fantan B its only tick to date) and its hard to gauge from the text the quality and trustworthiness of some of the venues !

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Not particularly unless you like bouldering. There is some newish sport climbing at  Tyddyn Hywel Quarry

New guidebook on the way I think, but possibly not that helpful for a trip soonish.

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 GrahamD 21:09 Tue
In reply to Alex Riley:

Cheers.  I guess we can look at the quarries then head to Tremadog !

 Tom Green 22:00 Tue
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Porth Ysgo bouldering is awesome. Nice spot, nice climbing, good range of grades and styles, plenty of good landings as well as some shockers!

 GrahamD 22:06 Tue
In reply to Tom Green:

Thanks, but I'm hoping to get a couple of routes in with brother.   Sounds like somewhere for a solo visit though.

 Darron 18:27 Wed
 GrahamD 20:43 Wed
In reply to Darron:

Cheers.  Have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed by Barmouth slabs when I last visited - if we have to drive anywhere I suspect we'll end up at Tremadog.

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