/ Gogarth in November - stupid?

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Kevster - on 08 Nov 2012

I was thinking of making a trip to gogarth, for a little multipitching, in November. Is this a stupid idea or are the crags OK, I realise weather plays the all important role, but is a sunny day in late november going to be warm enough to enjoy the crag?

Thanks, Kev
jezb1 - on 08 Nov 2012
In reply to Kevster: Pick the right day and it can be great. I did dream in January this year.
kevin stephens - on 08 Nov 2012
In reply to Kevster:
If you are lucky with the weather. I remember doing Wendigo in January, light house handy for short days
Dave Williams - on 08 Nov 2012
In reply to Kevster:

In theory it's not a stupid idea. In November, irrespective of what sunshine there may be, temperature, wind direction and wind chill will always be the crucial factors to take into account, as will sea state. Seepage will be an issue too, especially this year. It also obviously depends on which part of Gogarth. The Main Cliff, Wen Zawn etc might simply be too sunless and therefore too cold especially if there's a good breeze blowing. The Upper Tier might be a better choice but, in November, Castell Helen would be at the top of my list provided there isn't a strong south-westerly wind and a big swell. Even then, Where Puffins Daren't or Castell Helen Girdle may be doable. Red Wall and Mousetrap Zawn can be a bit more sheltered than Castell Helen. I once did Lighthouse Arete, Blanco and Mousetrap on a nice early December day.

Choice of route and weather on the day will be critical. If all else fails, there's always Holyhead Mountain, but this suffers from seepage, is rather exposed and multi-pitch it most definitely is not.

Some food for thought if nothing else.

Al Evans on 09 Nov 2012
In reply to Kevster: I don't know how much it counts for, but back when men were men in the 1990 CC guide over 20 new routes were put up in November! It used to be a place to go when the weather was too bad for the mountains.

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