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jungle - on 12 Feb 2018

Hi All

I know getting travel insurance to cover climbing is hard work. 

LV= do an annual premium cover (includes my partner) and it came to £145...probably cheaper if you don't add our health conditions, or if it's just single cover, or single trip.

The wording was for rock climbing in the policy schedule is "Rock climbing if qualified or fully supervised by a person experienced in this activity, and wearing a helmet". I called them to clarify an 'experienced person' and they said as long as you use suitable equipment it is fine. 

To qualify for it you need to select premium cover.

Best, James

spidermonkey09 - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to jungle:

Thats pretty good. I used a company called Alpha who were excellent and covered everything except soloing. Seemed fair to me!

Wiley Coyote2 - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to spidermonkey09:

>  covered everything except soloing.

Certainly more logical than some I've seen which excluded 'climbing with ropes', which presumably meant you were covered if you soloed the route

Another corker was the mountaineering cover that asked the standard 'Can you walk 200yrds on the flat?' I pointed out that I'd hardly need mountaineering cover if I couldn't. The woman at the call centre just asked wearily: "Is that a yes or a no?"


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.