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Samuel P - on 30 Oct 2017
Hi, does anyone have any up to date information on hampi? Are there any guest houses left in Hampi or have they all moved to Hospet?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
Steph Ward - on 19 Nov 2017
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Just wondering if you had much luck getting information about the Hampi Guesthouses?

We've been trying to contact them without much luck

CurlyStevo - on 21 Nov 2017
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I was in hampi 3 years ago. Not bouldering but In general it’s much better to stay north of the river anyway. Also all the bouldering is that side. The normal boulderers venue is Goan Corner and seeing as there are trip advisor reports from two weeks ago it’s still likely open. I think it’s tail end of the monsoon about now which could be why it’s quiet. Plenty of nice places over that side of the river just go along and see what you like no need to book in advance (although Goan Corner can get booked out)
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CurlyStevo - on 21 Nov 2017
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I stayed in mowgli guest house which was awesome then but I note reviews from two days ago aren’t quite as good. Oh yeah watch out for the mossies. Whatever anyone says people do catch malaria in Hampi (and dengi) , it’s one of the few places in South India there is a real but fairly low to moderate risk. Follow the normal precautions, personally didn’t use pills. I found some really good Ayurvedic spary out there that worked a treat and seemed to last longer than the chemical stuff as well as feeling and smelling nicer). You will want a plug in mossie repelent for sure too. Pretty sure it was this one

No need to take a net, anywhere you would want to stay should have nets in my experience.

Enjoy the river crossing! You do it on a coracle!
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CurlyStevo - on 21 Nov 2017
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Trains get booked out well in advance so make sure to book these. Don’t worry too much if you get a wait list position I’ve often been well down the queue and have always managed to get a seat but it’s often quite last minute! I used which used to be quite hard to activate as the iirc account was only set up for Indian addresses and it needs to link to that. But it was possible with emailing iirc and passport photos etc. I believe now you can do everything through just through the iirc account ( which you couldn’t then as it didn’t accept foreign Visa cards)
alex.murray - on 05 Dec 2017
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Hi Samuel,

I'm there at the moment. There are still guesthouses, for the time being. A Supreme Court ruling on an appeal application against proposed development plans has just been pushed back until the 19th of Jan 2018. If this goes the wrong way then properties could be given as little as 15 days to vacate.

It seems the ruling keeps getting suspended so I wouldn't be surprised if it gets pushed back again.


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