/ Hoggar/Tamanrasset, Algeria

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JR 05 Nov 2019


Has anyone here travelled to Tamanrasset, and specifically Hoggar/Assekrem in Algeria in the last 12 months, or are you able to put me in touch with someone that has? Ideally those that have been climbing, but any up to date details of those that have travelled recently in the region useful.

There is currently very varied security advice out there currently from different countries' foreign offices from "no travel" to "ok". See below:





FWIW, I have travelled to Algeria (including in some of the areas in red in the links above) before.


rpc 06 Nov 2019
In reply to JRWe’ve stayed in touch with a French guide, Christian Ravier, for the last ~2 years regarding a trip to Hoggar. He has a website and you can ping him via FB. He has some local contacts there.  In fact, he’s had a Hoggar trip advertised for a season or two on his site but that has not materialized as far as I know.  The obstacle up until now seemed to be some of the rules imposed by the Algerian military vs. a concrete security threat.  Would be curious to see what you learn.  The place looks absolutely out of this world.


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