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steepstuff - on 05 Sep 2018

Has anyone used public transport to get from Trondheim airport to Climb Flatanger?

samwillo - on 05 Sep 2018
In reply to steepstuff:

Yes, getting there requires a train, bus and taxi but is more straightforward than it sounds.

Step 1:

You take the train from the airport station to Steinkjer. Tickets can be bought online from https://www.nsb.no/en/frontpage or at the station itself for around 200 NOK. Trains are regular, even on a Sunday. Maybe 1h 30 or 2 hours?

Step 2:

At Steinkjer station, turn right out the building and walk ~150 m to the 4-5 bus stops along the road. You want the bus going Namsos - from memory this was the first bus stop just next to the bank. Tickets are bought as you board the bus, IMPORTANT name your destination as Flatanger - we had to pay in cash as none of our UK cards seemed to work. Price 120 NOK. You take the bus to a small village called Sjøåsen ~1 hour? Whilst in Steinkjer, it is worth making use of the large supermarket in the shopping complex the other side of the train tracks.

Step 3:

You need to pre-book a taxi from Sjøåsen to Climb Flatanger. Taxis have to be booked 24 hours beforehand. Number +47 75771861, our experience is they speak perfect english. Make sure you specify Climb Flatanger NOT Flatanger Camping (a different campsite the other side of a lake to the climbing). All going well, this taxi (more like a minibus) will be sat waiting for you when the bus arrives at Sjøåsen. Over the next 40 mins, your anxiety levels will steadily increase as you watch the metre of the taxi reach about 4000 NOK and you see the demise of all your savings - fear not, the local government subsides the travel and your bus ticket bought at Step 2, covers the entire cost.

If you encounter difficulty, contact Olav or Berit at Climb Flatanger (Tel +4790612477 or +4797504225) both are extremely helpful.

Have a good trip

steepstuff - on 05 Sep 2018
In reply to samwillo:

Thanks for the info

krikoman - on 05 Sep 2018
In reply to steepstuff:

"How to get to Flatanger"

Lay down and think of Thatcher.

Quite why anyone would want to do this is beyond me?


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.