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Overratedanswers - on 09 Aug 2017
Does anyone here have current info on the Matterhorn- or do they know where I can get it?

I've never been on the mountain before, but I'm planning an ascent in a few weeks via the Liongrat route. I know it's late, but I just realized today that, while I trust them with my life on the mountain, I do not trust the people in charge of this trip to have actually planned things very well. Particularly, I'm wondering about the following:

People I'm going with say everything is fixed and no gear is required. Others say that a rope and a rack are needed. Who is right? If I'm playing it safe, I bring a half-rope and a light alpine rack. I'd hate to get there and find out I lugged all this stuff up the mountain for no reason though.

How cold can I actually expect it to be? I've never been in the Alps. Do I need insulated boots, or will something lighter (crampon compatible, of course) suffice? Actually, will I even need crampons? Some say that in August it's almost all rock.

Is there any red tape- permits, fees, etc?

Any other useful information about the route that will help.

Everyone going is solid as far as skill/experience are concerned- but I'd hate to plan a big trip like this and then not summit because of something stupid.

Thank for your help.
SouthernSteve on 09 Aug 2017
In reply to Overratedanswers:
See equipment list at bottom and description

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.