/ Kalymnos: how many QD's?

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Voltemands - on 24 Jul 2013
Holiday booked. Buying new rope soon, 70 or 80m. Probably 80m just for extra options. How many QD's do people take along?

I was thinking a reasonable estimate is 1 per 2m. So if I plan on climbing 30m routes then take 15 QD'S, and if 40m routes then 20 QD'S. Sound reasonable, or over the top? (I've read blogs with suggestions of as many as 30!!)
gear boy on 24 Jul 2013
In reply to Voltemands: most of the routes that require long ropes are too hard for me, Do you need a 80m for anything else? depends what grades you plan climbing/working

done fine there with a 6m0 and 15 draws, but i think the norm is 70m and 20 draws

Voltemands - on 24 Jul 2013
In reply to gear boy: we don't necessarily need an 80m, but the gf and I would like to start exploring other euro destinations in future, and she recalls areas that 80m would be handy for. I thought an 80m could be a good investment and could help avoid dissapointment in years to come. Though I've been known to be wrong!
Quiddity - on 24 Jul 2013
In reply to Voltemands:

I think the guide says that 15 is standard on most medium length (ie. 30m) routes. More than that and it tends to say in the guide. I think on long (ie. 40m+) pitches you could easily be looking at 20 - 22 draws per pitch or more. I have taken something like 60 draws in the past between me and my girlfriend, especially useful if you intend to work anything over a couple of days or more, although some have suggested this may be OTT.

I have done 40m pitches on Kaly at 6b+ and 6c and many are utterly brilliant, the 80m rope will be a good investment. How much you need one depends on how much you like long routes!

A top tip is that on kaly the long routes are generally easier for the grade than short ones, provided you have the stamina to keep pulling.
Giles Davis - on 24 Jul 2013
In reply to Voltemands:

Agree with Quidity regarding trhe quailty routes being the longer ones and slightly softer on the grading, 70m rope minimum but 80m for those lonnnng 40m routes. I've always taken 20 quickdraws and a few leaver biners.

Awesome place, hope you enjoy.


Dave Musgrove - on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Voltemands:

Unless you intend to stick just to 5s and low grade 6s then a 70m rope is the minimum you will need. Many of the recent additions on several crags have pitch lengths up to 50m with around 40m now being quite common so an 80m is really useful to give you a full range of options. One of the very best newly developed cliffs is Llambda on Telendos and an 80m rope there is compulsory for about 70% of the routes (and they are all well worth doing). I would suggest 20QDs is usually enough but if you are going for something extra long you will always find someone who will lend you a couple extra.

Remember, however that longer ropes are quite heavy so check your baggage weight limit carefully with your airline.

Voltemands - on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to Voltemands: Thanks for all the helpful replies. Looks like twenty is a goer, will throw in a few more if baggage allowence allows it once everything is in.

On another note, has any ever been over the allowance by a kilo or two, if so do they let you off? I've heard it said they can be lenient if they see it is sports equipment.
Ali - on 02 Aug 2013
In reply to Quiddity: I need more quickdraws....!

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