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msimpson73 - on 15 Aug 2013
My wife and I are looking to go to Kalymnos next Easter (April 2014) but this is before the package tour season. Can anybody recommend the quickest and most convenient way of getting there from the North East of England at this time?
Serena Lambre on 16 Aug 2013
I guess it depends what part of NE England you're in, but wherever you are, you need to fly to Kos. (Can get direct flights from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, etc.)
Once in Kos there will be an army of taxis waiting to drive you down to the ferry port. There is one evening ferry which waits for the flight, so if your flight is delayed, the ferry waits, don't worry. (It needs your custom!)
A quick 35 minute ferry ride and you arrive in Kalymnos where another army of taxis will be waiting to drop you at whichever hotel you have chosen. It is a tiny island, so all the taxi drivers know all the places.
The two taxi rides will cost 15 euros each and the ferry is 6 euros.
It really is a very quick an easy journey - and you will be surrounded by fellow climbers the whole way, so no risk of getting lost or anything. They really look after you!
Feel free to ask me if you need to know anything else.
Rest assured - you will love it!!!
msimpson73 - on 17 Aug 2013
In reply to Serena Lambre: Thanks vey much for this advice - now for the planning...
Blue Straggler - on 17 Aug 2013
In reply to Serena Lambre:

A good and comprehensive answer!

Another option is to consider Rhodes. Might be a rather dear fast ferry to Pothia but in some cases it can work out. I'd hazard that, if unable to get to Kos by air, Rhodes is better than Athens for Kaly....
Mattdixclimb on 17 Aug 2013 -
In reply to msimpson73: yeah flying to kos is easiest and the taxi to pothia port and boat to kalymnos and then taxi to where ever your going in kaly. the ferry is only 6.50 euros and i went last easter
Sally Bustyerface - on 17 Aug 2013
In reply to Blue Straggler: Not really - there are daily flights from Athens to Kalymnos.
a13x - on 22 Aug 2013
In reply to msimpson73:

I live in Durham and went down to London because the flights were cheapest, you can get trains right to Gatwick but it can be a bit of a pain.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.