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Si dH - on 19 Oct 2012
I'm flying to Kalymnos tomorrow for my first trip there and really looking forward to it, but to my dismay it looks from the forecasts I can see like we might have a few days of rain.
If it does rain I definitely still want to be climbing. Obviously there is lots of steep stuff there but I don't know how much it seeps. Can anyone tell me a list of crags that we'll be able to climb at if it is wet??

Many thanks!
Chris the Tall - on 19 Oct 2012
In reply to Si dH:
I could give you advice, but I too jealous given that i've been unable to go there for a couple of years, so I'm just going to sulk
Si dH - on 19 Oct 2012
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AJM - on 19 Oct 2012
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Drop Quiddity/Curious Yellow a message - they had rain and tufa seepage and so on during their spring trip...
Chris the Tall - on 19 Oct 2012
In reply to Si dH:
First of all don't take too much notice of weather forecasts, you might get an incredible downpour or spectacular thunderstorm, and it will pass within an hour or so. I remember watching a fantastic storm behind Telendos that never even hit Kaly. this time 2 years ago we had a couple of days on unsettled weather at the end of the trip, but had we been a bit more focused we could have climbed both days.

Secondly the rock does dry very quickly, particularly this time of year, and seepage shouldn't be a problem.

Plenty of crags offer shelter and overhanging rock - most in fact - but particularly Grande Grotte and Oddesey. However these are also the most popular most of the time anyway, so you might find yourself queuing for routes. Travel a bit further from Massouri, around Argonota or even Dodoni, and you might have the crag to yourself on an overcast day.

And if it is really bad, just spend the day drinking Mythos, watch the sun set behind Telendos and finish the evening listening to poodle rock in the Scorpion Bar, and I'll still be jealous
JSA - on 19 Oct 2012
Si dH - on 19 Oct 2012
In reply to Si dH:
I cant possibly emphasise how much I don't want to spend the week in a time is precious, espcially when its time I'm spending off on my own to go climbing instead of with my wife.

Thanks Andy, will do.
Richard Popp - on 19 Oct 2012
In reply to Si dH: Don't worry Simon, the forecast I saw was okish, cooling down a bit which is positive, we'll be fine, Rich
catt on 22 Oct 2012
In reply to Si dH:

1. Rain days on Kaly at this time of year are normal.
2. There is virtually zero issue with seepage this time of year, even after a storm. You may encounter a few extra drips on the end of stalatcites as you climb past.
3. The list of places you could climb during rain would probably fill it's own guide.
4. Anything that gets wet drys very quickly.
5. Don't panic.
Chris Craggs - on 22 Oct 2012
In reply to Si dH:

The common mistake is looking at a Kaly forecast though UK eyes - it is nearly always much better than expected. Having said that it has thundered, lightening and pi55ed it down for the past couple of hours on Rhodes!

Quiddity - on 22 Oct 2012
In reply to catt:

succinctly put! totally agree with the lot of that. every time I've been it has rained on some days and i don't think it has ever stopped us climbing other than perhaps influencing taking a rest day today rather than tomorrow. hope you have fun.
carl dawson - on 22 Oct 2012
This morning's forecast was showers and a thunderstorm. I went out in a duvet and waterproof at 9am. By 10, I'd regretted it. Redpointing in bare chest before lunch. Typical Kalymnos forecast. Greek rain isn't the same as English rain: don't worry, you'll have a good time.
mux - on 22 Oct 2012
In reply to Si dH: only had one bad encounter with Kalymnian rain

two days left to climb and I took a rest day.. that night the sky let loose and we watched a great storm until we got bored and went to bed. the next day it continued, flooding the streets and turning pothia into a river.

we chose not climb and watched some Morecambe and Wise DVD's instead.

on our way to the ferry the next day the debris was everywhere and many of the roads had big boulders struned across them.

but that was one day well I dont know how many.. I have been going once or twice a year since 2003.

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