/ Killarney scrambles?

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Cheese Monkey - on 08 Jun 2018

Over in Ireland right now and wondering if there's any decent scrambling to go at in Killarney NP? Cheers

Welsh Kate - on 08 Jun 2018
In reply to Cheese Monkey:

There is some scrambling on both the Coomloughra horseshoe taking in Beenkeragh, Carrauntoohill and Caher, and a bit more, I gather, on the Reeks Traverse from Kate Kearney's to Lough Acoose, though I haven't done that.

If you want more extreme stuff, look at Howling Ridge (which I definitely haven't done!)

Peter Walker on 09 Jun 2018
In reply to Cheese Monkey:

It's an annoying quirk of Irish mountain geology that there's not as much scrambling in the mountains as you'd think there'd be.

As Welsh Kate mentioned, there's the Coomloughra Horseshoe, although to be honest what scrambling there is on that is pretty easy (the Beenkeragh Ridge is about the same as Striding Edge in my opinion...some folk mistakenly compare it to Crib Goch). It's a great day though. The Reeks Traverse has two interesting sections over the Big Gun (excellent Grade 1 if you follow the crest) and the Cnoc na Peiste arete (tends to be avoided although I found it slightly easier).

Howling Ridge is mostly a scramble with some VDiff pitches on it.

In addition there's the Hag's Tooth ridge up Beenkeragh. The direct ascent of the Tooth itself is around VDiff (not done it) but if you go around the back you can double back to the summit (easy scrambling, big situation) and then follow the ridge up can take in as much scrambling as you like on this, or barely scramble at all...your choice.

Cheese Monkey - on 10 Jun 2018
In reply to Peter Walker:

Just simple scrambling is what I'd like. Graded rock climbs aren't going to happen this time. 

I'm thinking of going up Carrauntoohil tomorrow with family, setting them off on the descent, then traversing over to Cruach Mor and descending from there myself. The only thing that troubles me is the descent, but I think it will be ok. Looks on the map that that should be a pleasant day out- not too full on! 

Cheese Monkey - on 10 Jun 2018
In reply to Welsh Kate:

Thanks for the help guys 

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