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Looking for a bed in Pembroke for key work :D

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 Spencer Noble 13 Jan 2021

Climber looking for accommodation in Pembroke for key night shift work on Valero Oil Refinery. Spare room, annex, caravan, flat, vacant house, any option considered.

Hi my name is Spencer! I'm 30, I'm a climber, a qualified Mountain Leader, and I'm looking for someone with a bed to rent within driving distance of Valero Oil Refinery in Pembroke Wales. Reaching out to the climbing community because I'm having trouble finding a place and it's always nice to rent from someone who's into climbing !

Dates are the 24th Jan until the back end of March. The end date needs to be a bit flexible. I'm working nights. 10-12 hour shifts, 13 nights on 1 night off (that's one night off every 2 weeks). So It would be awesome if there was somewhere I could sleep through the day without too much disturbance. I basically just need a bed to sleep in, a place to cook, and a decent shower. Whether that's in a house, a flat, an unoccupied property, an annex, a caravan or static home.

I understand there's some apprehension surrounding the current lockdown and risk of COVID-19 so I'll explain my situation, that way if you're interested you can make an informed decision. I have been in lockdown at home in a market town in North Yorkshire since December 18th. I have no and have never had symptoms of COVID-19. Before I'm allowed to leave my area I have to pass a COVID test which I'll receive in the post within 5 days of my start day on the 25th. I'll be traveling on my own. There will of course be COVID regulations on site where I'll be mixing with workers who've all also been recently tested.

If you're interested give me a message! Spencer


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