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Bitsofdeadtree - on 12 Feb 2018

So the other half wants to go somewhere warm for a weekend's adventure, after she is tired of me dragging her to cold and damp places. I said Spain could work, however, being Spanish herself, and with her parents living in Madrid, if we visit Spain for the weekend without also visiting her parents, she will be in the dog house, and thus, I will then be in the dog house too. 

Now I don't really want to spend my entire weekend driving around from one end of the country to the other, so puts all of the normal venues in the south out of the equation . So my question is, do you lovely people have any recommendations for a good day out in the mountains/hills as close as possible to Madrid. 

Looking more for long adventure climbs, moderate scrambles  or via ferata, rather than endless up and down route bagging.

Check on baggage, so can take rope and rack if needed.



doz generale - on 14 Feb 2018
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La pedriza. Slabby granite in the mountains about 1 hr from the centre. 

Torrelodones  small town about 30 mins from the centre.  bouldering and short sports routes on granite and limestone.


Patones 50m limestone crag.


Also plenty of long mountain walking in sierra guaderrama just north of Madrid. SKiing too in the winter

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Elevator - on 14 Feb 2018
In reply to Bitsofdeadtree:

+1 for La Pedriza - El Yelmo is amazing but be warned, the friction slab nature of much of the climbing is a bit of a headgame and can take some getting used to!!!

Also look at Pico de la Miel  just to the east of Pedriza near Cabreras ( Pico De La Miel) for some fabulous easy/mid-grade routes...

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